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Sea Paddock to Plate

Not far from the sunny banks of the pub, a 20 hectare mussel farm floats under the surface and our Chefs were lucky enough to taken out by the guys at South Coast Mariculture for a first hand look at where Jervis Bay Mussels are directly harvested, before being delivered live to our kitchen and on to your plate.

Mussel farming is regarded as one of the worlds most sustainable forms of food production. South Coast Mariculture has been developing the farm in Jervis Bay, and the mussels grown here are renowned for their large size and plump meat, feed by the joining of warm water from the East Australian Current and nutrient rich cooler water from the Bass Strait. 

With close proximity to Sydney, Jervis Bay Mussels are harvested and able to be delivered live and fresh next day to major capital cities in Oz and for export to International markets, but more importantly, straight to us and on to your plate! 

Try them for yourself, directly from the farm at The Bistro with our Thai Yellow Curry Mussels or fresh on our Seafood Platter. 

Find out more about Jervis Bay Mussels and South Coast Mariculture and follow their pretty Instagram account